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  1. (US, slang) A swindle or confidence trick.
  2. A parlor game played in teams with three dice, originating in England but popular among suburban women in the United States at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

The waterfront community of Kingsbay is the definition of the American Dream.

Big houses down long driveways, a community swimming pool and marina, and a year-round calendar of social events reflecting the best of life in America. The husbands sail, play poker, and take weekend fishing trips. The wives come together to play bunco, over perhaps a little too much sauvignon blanc and organize ‘ladies-only’ trips to Las Vegas.BUNCO 5 X 8 -25-4B

On Christmas Eve, an attractive young couple moves into Kingsbay and the life of the community takes new and unexpected paths; ultimately leading to lies and betrayals.

When her idyllic lifestyle is blown apart, a young woman is forced to mature quickly. With the help of her friends and exposure to an old established culture, she will find, a new strength and a new love.

Bunco’s plot moves from the idyllic shores of Long Island Sound to the romantic heart of Barcelona – a city of seduction, beauty, elegance and passion, just like its men and women.

More than just a story of deception and revenge, the international cast of characters come to appreciate the hidden depths of their respective cultures – too often concealed by easy assumptions and first impressions.

Moving from London to Manhattan was pretty seamless. The theaters, movies, restaurants, business culture are essentially identical. In thirteen years of living in Maryland, we experienced a lifestyle that is quite unlike anything experienced by anyone in Europe. At the same time, in Europe, there are places that I have come to know, like Barcelona (and the village where we live today), where family and friendship ties go back many, many generations, and where there is a rich tapestry of connectivity to people and places that is invisible to visitors.

My goal in writing ‘Bunco’ was to convey some of the richness of these contrasting lifestyles and to take the reader beyond any preconceptions and media impressions. Of course, I needed a compelling story and an engaging cast of characters to engage my readers. In the end, my protagonists were a young woman and her friends, three neighbors of widely varying ages and a young man from the other side of the tracks. And so, to my surprise, I ended up writing a ‘woman’s book’.

‘Bunco’ is available from your local Amazon website, as a paperback and a Kindle ebook.