I was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland with my brother, Stephen (check out the amazing work he and my daughter do here Lumartos).

Aged 21, I left for the bright lights of London, more specifically, Muswell Hill. I married Sheila (second time around for both of us) in 1985 and we lived in Hampstead until our daughter, Marianne came along. A couple of years later we moved out to leafy Hertfordshire. In my early forties, we moved to the US, first to New York and then to a waterside community on the Chesapeake Bay.

This time in Maryland inspired the setting for the first half of ‘Bunco’.


Monpazier square and church

After fourteen years in the US, during which time we all became dual UK/US citizens, Marianne moved back to London and Sheila and I moved to Monpazier, in SW France, where we are today.

My career was mostly in marketing, in the IT and software industries. It was fun, and I worked with some great people over the years, but I’m happy to have been more or less retired since 2011.