A Cold Dish

‘A Cold Dish and Other Tales’ is a collection of four short stories – actually two short stories and two novellas.

This book arose as a result of a family legend.   A COLD DISH front

The tale I inherited, was a story about my uncle and aunt going on holiday to Malta in the 1970’s and meeting a young Maltese woman. She took them to see her mother, who was the love child of my uncle’s uncle (so my great-uncle), and her mother, who was by then bedridden.

The old lady told my uncle and aunt her story, of a young soldier in World War 1, whom she loved and who made her pregnant and who, knowing she was pregnant, left her alone in Malta.

Early in World War 2, the same soldier was brought off a troopship into hospital in Malta. He was terminally ill and nursed to his death by the girl he left behind.

On this skeleton, I erected a story in which I imagined the WW1 love story. ‘The Girl He Left Behind’ was the first tale in the collection.

You can read the shortest story, ‘The 8:03’ here.

‘A Cold Dish and Other Tales’ is available from Amazon as a paperback and a Kindle download.